Our History

Our family’s history with cattle dates back to our great grandfather Felix “Phil” Neal who started his first heard over 5 decades ago. Our herd has evolved from a mostly crossbred heard in the 1980’s to an all Brangus herd today. Our family operates roughly 1800 head of commercial cattle and 150 head of registered cattle under the trade names of Craig Neal and Sons, C & B Cattle, Bayou State Cattle and Midsouth Cattle. The love of Brangus cattle is truly a family affair with Craig Neal and sons Jarrod and Michael operating these businesses with their wives, children, and now grandchildren over the years.

Our Midsouth brand is the very brand that our grandfather Phil used so many years ago. Midsouth Cattle owned by Michael and Lisa was formed when we purchased our first registered cattle in 2011. Our research led us to Mound Creek and Blackwater Cattle for what we think is the best genetics available. The knowledge and friendship that has been shown by these breeders is greatly appreciated and a valuable resource for us.

Today we incorporate Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer and IVF along with purchasing the best possible herd sires available to us. Our dynamic herd sires are chosen for their superior genetic qualities that advance our herd. We consider our sires some of the best Brangus genetics in the country. We take genetic testing to extremely high standards for our customers confidence in the animals being purchased. Each registered bull and female has genetic testing to prove parentage and prove a genetic free animal. Our herd sires have a 150K genomic profile available on the IBBA website. This is all done to advance our herd and the entire Brangus breed.

We look forward to our future with great enthusiasm and big plans for growing and improving our herd.

Our gates are always open to visitors! Come by to eat some great South Louisiana cuisine, spend time with our family and visit some great Brangus cattle.

St. Francisville, Louisiana
Michael Neal: 225-718-2828michaelcneal@bellsouth.net
Lisa Neal: 225-718-1040